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Dell Technologies

As a content producer and designer on the APEX digital marketing team, I had the opportunity to lend a hand in developing assets for an innovative as-a-service offering. Tasked with building content for internal and external audiences alike, I explored ways to implement motion design, 3d animation and various other vehicles to tell the APEX story. 

Telling the APEX story

Project APEX is an innovative as-a-service offering that Dell Technologies unveiled in the fall of 2019. Operating at the intersection of best-in-class technology and resiliency, APEX enables clients to scale with flexibility on demand.


When it came to developing our content for APEX, we wanted to communicate the convenience that as-a-Service provides, rather than the specs of the product. Ari from IT is a limited animated series that follows the ways that 15-year IT veteran Ari enjoys their time while not worrying about managing their business' infrastructure. 


Another tenet of project APEX is digital resiliency. To communicate this, I produced a short 30-second animation (left) discussing the value that digital resiliency brings to your business. Given a script and creative freedom, I explored animated elements I hadn't used before, most notably distortion. 

Dell Digital

In addition to supporting the APEX team, I helped to promote the Dell Digital Way, a unique approach to innovation and leadership that builds around people, process and technology. Two pieces that I produced for the Dell Digital team were the VMWare Tanzu infographic (right) and the Dell Digital factsheet (below). 

Tanzu Infographic-01.jpg
DD Factsheet_201120-02 (1).png

These assets had application both internally and externally. The VMWare Tanzu infographic lives on the external Dell Technologies website and is being translated to reach a wider audience. The Dell Digital factsheet is an important piece of content our sales people use to bring home the capabilities that we employ each day. 

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