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Bodega Boys Invitational

Project Goal:
Develop unique and compelling branding for a rapidly-growing foosball tournament in town.


Ideated and executed by me using Adobe Illustrator

With its inaugural tournament in July 2023 and its highly-anticipated follow-up in February of the following year, the Bodega Boys Invitational is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after invites on the Denver social calendar. The task at hand was to develop branding that reflects the fervor that surrounds the event. 

Personal Project

Applied Skills:

Graphic Design, Branding, Merchandising

Made with:

Adobe Illustrator

WC Pattern.png
WC Poster Mock.png

The Breakfast Blend series has been an ongoing exploration in composition and lighting. It's encouraged me to study the way that light interacts with subjects in the real world so that I can feel comfortable manipulating those interactions in Blender. 

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