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Breakfast Blends

Project Goal:
Expand creative toolkit to include 3D modeling and animation by learning the open source software, Blender.


Ideated and executed by me using Blender 3D

In January of 2021, I challenged myself to explore new ways to create compelling content. Among the most accessible was 3D modeling, thanks to Blender, an open source and free-to-use software. 3D modeling presented a tremendous opportunity to study composition, light and rendering. I tested my learning by producing "Breakfast Blends,"  to improve and master 3D graphics

Personal Project

Applied Skills:

Composition, Light Study, Rendering

Made with:

Blender 3D, Adobe Illustrator

breakfast flip2.png

The Breakfast Blend series has been an ongoing exploration in composition and lighting. It's encouraged me to study the way that light interacts with subjects in the real world so that I can feel comfortable manipulating those interactions in Blender. 

Subway lighting exo.png
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